About MLA

About MLA

Meat & Livestock Australia is a farmer-owned organisation that provides research and marketing services for cattle, sheepmeat and goat producers (not pork or poultry).

Our role is marketing red meat, both in Australia and to global customers, investing in research and development across the supply chain (on farm right through to processing) and enhancing market access opportunities to increase the long term profitability and sustainability of our industry.

MLA is funded by a livestock transaction levy paid per head by cattle, sheepmeat and goat farmers, joint funding from the processing and live export sectors and, in the research and development area, through Australian government dollar-for-dollar matching funds.

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MLA in Europe

MLA in Europe

Offices have been established in major regions of the world to assist in maintaining an adequate supply chain as well as promote the consumption of Australia’s high quality red meat through local information and marketing programs.

MLA’s European office is based in Brussels, Belgium. We are focused on promoting the high quality and strong reliability of Australian beef, lamb, mutton and goat at every opportunity.

Australia’s beef and sheepmeat access within the EU is highly restricted by quotas, limiting the market potential. Therefore maintaining and improving market access is one of MLA's critical objectives in Europe.

MLA’s marketing activities are focused on creating commercial opportunities to increase value while maximising volume under market access conditions.


Meat & Livestock Australia

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