Australian red meat industry

Australian red meat industry

Australia is a world leader in the export of high quality red meat and commercial livestock. Our industry is committed to producing safe, high-quality beef and lamb which is enjoyed by customers in more than 90 different markets around the world. 

Australia’s abundance of natural grazing land and strict government regulations allow livestock to be pasture raised, without the use of additives such as antibiotics or hormones. Its geographically isolated location as a separate continent contributes to Australia’s internationally recognised status of being free of all major livestock epidemic diseases.

MLA has helped to pioneer state-of-the-art electronic tracking systems that allow Australian red meat to be traced back to its farm of origin. When customers purchase meat from Australia, they are receiving products from one of the safest and most stringently controlled meat industries in the world.



Good animal welfare practice is a legal requirement in Australia.

The Australian red meat and livestock industry is committed to the highest level of animal welfare and the humane treatment of livestock. Australian farmers comply with rigorous standards and systems in place at every stage of the supply chain.

Livestock handling and processing is conducted in accordance with national laws and international requirements, and enforced accordingly by state, territory and commonwealth inspectors to ensure high standards are maintained at all times.

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Cattle and sheep farmers are custodians of almost 50% of Australia’s landmass

With this in mind, farmers recognise their responsibility to sustainably manage the environment. Australia is one of the most efficient producers of quality livestock in the world, allowing us to feed our own population and some of the growing global population. We can respond to the needs of our overseas customers with fully traceable, high quality, clean and safe red meat products. MLA invests up to A$5.7 million a year in environment and sustainability research and development projects. This investment aims to help producers improve the short and long-term environmental credentials of their business, while boosting productivity. It also assists producers in ensuring community expectations of responsible land stewardship and management are met.

Target 100

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